Staying Healthy While Abroad, Part I

8 Aug

It’s book review time!

A travel blog suggested I read the above book pre-RTW in order to learn how to stay healthy abroad.  I obliged.  Hmm.  We may have another crackhead on our hands.

The author calls herself the Shit Doctor, and she quickly overwhelmed me.  Holy shit (if she can say it, so can I), I thought.  Basically, I figure, if I follow all of her rules (don’t eat meat! dairy! veggies! fruit!), I will starve to death.  Right after I die of thirst.

I’ll save you from reading the book yourself by providing the highlights:

Seaweed is the only safe thing to eat.  Can’t wait to try the pink kind.

Okay.  Obviously there is no explanation needed.

Who calls a fish an individual? Pick your fish like you pick your women, folks: clear eyes and a firm, intact body that smells all right! Otherwise, you will be paralyzed and dead in 12 hours.

Oh yes, and remember yesterday’s post about the threat of stray, rabid dogs?  The Shit Doctor has a solution:

I’m calling bullshit on this one. You will just get yourself bit in the face.

The Shit Doctor also reminds you to take a flashlight when you go to the bathroom at night.  Otherwise, you risk the same fate as pregnant, blind Nepalese women:

What. the. shit.

Helpful idea on how to do your laundry:

No comment.

I do note that this book may indeed be helpful if you are an idiot:

So this book gets at least one thing right.

This highlight reel ain’t over yet!  I’ve still got a few more things to say about the book.  Expect Part II shortly.

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